Vocal Coaching

With over 20 years experience in singing and live performance, the award winning and internationally recognized vocalist Anja Nissen is now taking a limited number of students for exclusive ‘one on one’ vocal coaching sessions.

Anja Nissen was born to Danish parents and raised in Australia where at the age of 18, she won THE VOICE 2014. Later Anja relocated to Denmark and competed in EUROVISION 2017 where her original song ‘Where I Am’ was a feature of the grand finale.

Anja’s background incorporates a plethora of live performances across Australia’s major venues including Sydney Opera House. Many of these performances were as an alumni member of the distinguished TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, from which she graduated after four years of study. Recently Anja graduated from MUSICIANS INSTITUTE HOLLYWOOD where she had continued her study of piano, music theory, and recording techniques.

Anja’s voice is renowned for its power, emotion, and dynamics. Her unique ability to ‘connect’ has often moved the audience to tears. Anja wishes to share her vast knowledge and skill with committed singers wanting to reach a higher level of vocal style, delivery, and communication. Anja’s students will receive valuable tools that will advance them within the music industry.

These tools include:

  • Vocal anatomy
  • Vocal techniques (dynamics, articulation and diction, vocal range, vocal exercises, voice variations, and breathing.)
  • Vocal preservation and stamina
  • Vocal power and agility
  • Performance skills
  • Song repertoire
  • Styling and professionalism
  • Lyrics and storytelling
  • Songwriting


Book an online lesson here – or send your booking request for in-person lessons to anjanissenmusic@gmail.com